SpeechTrainer: Hauptfenster Prof. Dr. Bernd J. Kröger and Birgit Kröger, Cologne, Aachen, Hergenrath.

SpeechTrainer: Visualization of speech movements

Figures: Vowels [i], [y], [a] and [u]

generated by using SpeechTraner version 2.0.

Bilabial constriction in [bu:],[be:]and [fe:]

Dorsal constriction in [?Ic], [?ax] and [ru:]

Apical constriction in [TE:], [sE:] and [SE:]

full closure of vocal tract in [tE:] and [kE:]


(a) Velum lowered in [?En], (b) velum in higher position and (c) velopharyngeal port tightly closed.