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Bernd J. Kröger: SpeechArticulationTrainer (the app)

SpeechArticulationTrainer is a mobile app (as well as a program for laptops and desktops) for the visualization of speech articulation movements and gesture scores of monosyllables.
The app is available as light version in AppStore and GooglePlay (prompt: SpeechArticulationTrainer)

YouTube-Video-Tutorials for the app (AppStore and GooglePlay)

General introduction to current version 4.0 of the app (see also www.speechtrainer.de):

General introduction to older version 3.0, available as software for PCs and MacBooks (see also www.speechtrainer.de):

The articulatory model:

Gestures (vocal tract actions) and gesture score:

Coarticulation with gestures (vocal tract actions) and gesture score:

Adding audios to SpeTra and synchronizing audios with SpeTra-model-based articulatory movements: